Chemistrie - Eyewear that Clicks

Chemistrie_Sun_sample_1.jpgChemistrie is a patented magnetic lens system that allows a wearer of prescription eyewear to attach a variety of lenses including sun, reader, and 3-D to their prescription frame utilizing magnets imbedded near the edge of the lens.

The Chemistrie technology has rendered clip-on sunglasses obsolete. Chemistrie is available in 24 different Polarized sun lens colors including 8 solids, 8 mirrors and 8 gradients.  Additionally, Eyenavision offers Chemistrie+ reader lenses in powers of +.50, +.75, +1.00, +1.25, and plus 1.5. And now, you can purchase Chemistrie to view passive 3-D video utilizing the new Chemistrie C-3D.   Chemistrie Sun sample 2_1.jpgWith 3 different magnet colors, 5 different bridge colors, and 12 different Swarovski Crystals to choose from you can customize Chemistrie Lenses to match any look. Magnets and bridges must be chosen, Swarovski Crystals are optional.

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